Spring Lake Beach Badges 2023: The Spring Lake Beach is one of the most popular destinations for families and tourists in New Jersey. With its pristine sand and clear waters, it is the perfect place to soak up the sun, play with the kids, and enjoy some water activities. However, to access the beach, visitors are required to purchase a beach badge. In 2023, the Spring Lake Beach Badges are available for purchase and visitors can choose from a range of options that cater to their needs and preferences. In this article, we will explore the Spring Lake Beach Badges 2023 and provide information on how to get your pass.

Spring Lake Beach Badges 2023

Types of Spring Lake Beach Badges 2023

Spring Lake Beach offers a variety of badge options for visitors. These include daily, weekly, and seasonal badges. The daily badge allows visitors to access the beach for one day only, while the weekly badge provides access for seven days. The seasonal badge, on the other hand, is valid for the entire season and provides the most value for money.

For those who visit the beach frequently, the seasonal badge is the best option. It costs $70 for adults and $30 for children. The daily badge costs $8 for adults and $4 for children, while the weekly badge costs $30 for adults and $15 for children.

Another option is the senior citizen badge, which is available for residents who are 65 years and above. The senior citizen badge costs $15 for the season and provides unlimited access to the beach.

How to Get Your Spring Lake Beach Badge

Getting your Spring Lake Beach Badge 2023 is simple and straightforward. The badges can be purchased online or in person at the beach.

For online purchases, simply visit the Spring Lake Beach website and select the badge type you want. You can then proceed to make the payment using a credit card. The badge will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days.

For in-person purchases, visit the beach office during operating hours. You can purchase your badge at the beach office and receive it immediately.

In addition, you can also purchase badges at participating local businesses, including convenience stores and supermarkets. The list of participating businesses is available on the Spring Lake Beach website.

Regulations and Rules for Spring Lake Beach Badge

The Spring Lake Beach Badges 2023 come with certain regulations and rules that visitors are expected to follow. These regulations are in place to ensure that the beach remains a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

One important regulation is the leash law, which requires all dogs to be leashed at all times. Visitors who bring their dogs to the beach must ensure that they are kept on a leash at all times and not allowed to roam freely.

Another regulation is the alcohol policy, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the beach. Visitors who bring alcohol to the beach will have it confiscated and may be subject to fines.

Smoking is also prohibited on the beach and in the water. Visitors who wish to smoke must do so in designated areas away from the beach and water.


In conclusion, the Spring Lake Beach Badges 2023 are a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy the sun, sand, and waters of Spring Lake Beach. With its range of options, easy purchasing process, and various facilities and amenities, visitors can have a fun and relaxing day at the beach. So, get your pass today and start enjoying all that Spring Lake Beach has to offer!

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