CNA Testing Schedule and Locations: If you are interested in becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA), then the first step is to take the certification exam. This exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills related to patient care, safety, and communication. The test consists of two parts – a written test and a skills demonstration. The written test consists of multiple-choice questions, and the skills demonstration is a hands-on test where you perform a series of tasks to show that you have the necessary skills to work as a CNA.

To take the certification exam, you need to find a testing center near you and schedule an appointment. This article will provide information on the CNA testing schedule and locations, so that you can find your next career as a CNA.

CNA Testing Schedule and Locations

The CNA testing schedule varies depending on the state and testing center. In most states, the testing centers are open Monday through Friday, and some may be open on weekends as well. The testing centers usually have extended hours to accommodate different schedules, but it is best to check the availability beforehand.

The written test is usually computer-based, and the skills demonstration is usually performed in a lab setting. You will be given a set amount of time to complete both parts of the exam. The time limit varies by state, but it is usually 2-3 hours for the written test and 30 minutes to 1 hour for the skills demonstration.

It is important to arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. You will be required to bring two forms of identification, including a government-issued photo ID. You should also bring a pen and highlighter, as these items are not provided by the testing center.

CNA Testing Locations

The CNA testing locations are usually located at community colleges, vocational schools, and health care facilities. Some states may also have private testing centers that offer the certification exam.

To find the nearest testing center, you can use the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) website, which provides a list of testing locations in each state. You can also check with your state’s Board of Nursing or Department of Health to find out if they have a list of approved testing centers.

It is important to choose a testing center that is convenient and accessible to you. Some testing centers may be located in remote areas, and it is best to choose a center that is close to public transportation or easily accessible by car.

Preparing for the CNA Exam

Once you have found a suitable testing center and scheduled an appointment, it is time to start preparing for the CNA exam. Preparing for the exam will help you feel more confident and reduce the chances of failing.

There are several ways to prepare for the exam, including:

  • Reviewing the study materials provided by your state’s Board of Nursing or Department of Health. These materials are usually available online or in print and provide information on the topics that will be covered on the exam.
  • Taking a CNA training program. Many vocational schools and health care facilities offer CNA training programs that prepare you for the certification exam. These programs provide hands-on training and give you an opportunity to practice the skills that will be tested on the exam.
  • Practicing the skills that will be tested on the exam. This may involve performing the skills on a mannequin or on a live patient. The goal is to get as much practice as possible, so that you feel confident and ready for the exam.
  • Taking a practice exam. Practice exams are available online and in print, and they provide a good idea. Of what to expect on the actual exam. They cover the same topics as the real exam and test your knowledge and understanding of the material.
  • Staying relaxed and confident. It is important to stay calm and focused during the exam. But you can do this by getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy meal, and practicing deep breathing or meditation.


Becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA) is an important step in your career as a health care professional. The certification exam is the first step to becoming a CNA, and it is important to know the CNA testing schedule and locations. Finally, By preparing for the exam, you can increase your chances of success and start your new career with confidence.

With the increasing demand for CNAs in the health care industry, it is a great time to start your journey as a CNA. By finding the nearest testing center, scheduling an appointment, and preparing for the exam. You can take the first step towards a fulfilling career in health care. Good luck!

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